DLL Proxying

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DLL Proxying : An SOC Nightmare DLL Hijacking, a cunning technique in the attacker’s arsenal, thrives on manipulating a program’s trust in external code. By strategically replacing legitimate DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) with malicious ones, attackers can gain unauthorized access, steal sensitive data, or wreak havoc on a system. To protect you organization as SOC […]

Evading AV with simple malwares

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Evasion is a cat and mouse game in the cybersecurity field. Lets dive deep into it and see some simple tricks for deception. Process ID (PID) spoofing is a sneaky technique used by malware to trick computer systems. Every program running on a computer is given a unique identification number called a Process ID, or PID for short. This PID helps the system monitoring each […]

Incident Response as a Service and its importance in Cyber Security.

Incident Response as a Service

What is Incident Management & Response as a Service? Incident Response as a service is a methodical technique to detecting, mitigating, and managing potential cyberattacks. The primary goal of the incident response process is to assist companies in minimizing the unwanted threats caused by a breach, recovering as swiftly as possible, and actively planning for […]