Web Application Penetration Testing

With thousands of transactions happening every second, web applications are many companies’ primary business source

Protect your Application Systems from Phishing and other Possible Damage

With thousands of transactions happening every second, web applications are many companies’ primary business source. Web Application Penetration Testing can help organizations assemble the highest system security and be ready for any potential threat. Security experts can leverage the latest testing tools to evaluate the current source code, APIs, servers, database connectivity, WAF, third-party integrations, etc., to detect vulnerabilities, implement mitigation strategies, and update security policies. The goal is to discover any potential threats within the enterprise firewall by using invalid credentials to access the system and determine the likelihood of damage and route of attacks.

What is Web Application Penetration Testing?

Website Penetration Testing Services offer web app penetration testing to organizations that want to ensure the security of their web applications. Web Application Penetration Testing Service is an important part of the overall security strategy of an organization, as web applications are often targeted by hackers and cybercriminals.

Web Application Penetration Testing scans your web applications with the help of a team of experienced security professionals. Experts at Cybervie take a stepwise approach to analyze the existing security policies of the web applications, identify the vulnerabilities and scope of damage and find loopholes to block unauthorised access to sensitive data. 

The different steps we follow: 

  • Planning with both Active and Passive Reconnaissance
  • Scanning Vulnerabilities and Exploiting them to dial down the damage
  • Analysis, Integrating Mitigation Strategies and an Exhaustive Report of the Attack

Cybervie believes in compiling a detailed report as it is a critical part of the entire testing process. The report includes the following details: 

  • Exposed sensitive data exposed, 
  • List of exploited vulnerabilities,
  • Time duration for maintaining undetected access to the system

The tester shares this information with the security experts to evaluate and configure the WAF settings, fix the most vital areas, and integrate application security policies to patch vulnerabilities and shield the enterprise system against future threats.

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