About Us

Cybervie is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services, staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced security experts. Our team is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes and protect their valuable assets and data from cyber threats.

Secure Your Data with Cybervie's Proactive Cyber Security Solutions

Cybervie helps an Organization in building a strong cybersecurity strategy and necessary tools to implement it. Cybervie’s core objective is to fortify cybersecurity postures and minimize risks, thereby enabling businesses to innovate, drive change, and experience accelerated growth without fear of attacks or threats. 

Through our cutting-edge solutions, we strive to transform security resilience and empower organizations to mitigate potential risks, ensuring that they can operate optimally. Our expert team is dedicated to building secure and robust frameworks that guarantee safety and enable businesses to thrive.


Our mission is to create a safe place in the cyberspace. We aim to do this by delivering innovative requirement based training with a brand authorised certification, and is designed to empower cyber security careers.​


Cybervie believes in branding rather than instant earning. Our vision is to become a global brand in cyber security. We tend to create Cyber warriors who will be able to defeat and protect the present and upcoming business world. ​

Core Values​

Our principle belief is to work with complete integrity and follow the highest professional ethics in order to build a long lasting relationship. We ensure that we provide maximum awareness to exploit every weakness in your system.

Meet our Team​

Venkatesh Mainani


"When Solving Problems, dig at the Roots Instead of Just Hacking at the Leaves"

Pallavi Reddy Mauram


"Enthusiastic and Experienced With a Demonstrated History of Working in the Cyber Security Industry"

About Venkatesh Mainani

Venkatesh Mainani is the CEO and founder of Cybervie, a company specializing in data breach planning, notification requirements, and external collaboration. With a deep understanding of global privacy and data security laws, policies, and standards, as well as risk assessment and management, Mr. Mainani and his team at Cybervie are dedicated to helping organizations protect their sensitive information and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Specialization of Venkatesh Mainani
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