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There are two types of websites: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.

Security... it's simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you're willing to deal with whatever happens      – Harry Brown

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Our Services

Website Vulnerability Assessment

Each website has its vulnerability, which the hackers exploit. We perform several scans on your website to understand if your site is indeed exposed to vulnerabilities. Our detailed report helps the coding team understand the loopholes and help fix them.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing or PEN testing as it is referred as is a comprehensive tool designed to find out any weakness that exists in your network, web application or the system itself that hackers could exploit.

Cyber Security Awareness

Our team provides you various services by which you can prevent such hacks. Using our Cybersecurity awareness program prepares your employees to be well equipped to deal with crises.

IT Infrastructure Audit

An IT review is necessary to assess the framework's control blueprint and viability against applicable norms and best practices. An annual audit of the IT infrastructure is essential to review the IT assets and guarantee several things:

  • Are they meeting your present and future business needs
  • Are the IT assets able to adapt to the new available technologies
  • Is there consistence in functionality

Cybervie conducts thorough appraisal of IT infrastructure for its customers in India and abroad. The company’s IT counseling staff is exceptionally prepared for appraisal of system, server farm, register, stock piling and security arrangements.

Cybervie’s IT audit examines usage, execution, productivity, security conventions and IT administration. Introducing controls are important but do not provide satisfactory security. Occasional survey of the framework and the procedures is required to guarantee consistence in functionality.

Cybervie carries out infrastructure review, appraisal and affirmation of IT administrations using a number of procedures. This includes examination of all the hardware and physical equipment to help uncover overall health, end of life issues, stock administration and necessary upgrades. The audit also checks the systems for decreased server usage, energy utilization, speed, versatility, strategic course correction and impact analysis. Our recommendations take into account availability of new technologies, budgetary allocations, benefit accrued and human resource capacity of the company.

Why Cybervie?

70% of websites are vulnerable to malicious hackers. Make sure you aren’t. Detect vulnerabilities and get on a path to remediation.

The number of high-profile attacks on the websites of financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and small businesses is rising at a pretty alarming rate. End-user workstations are continuously under sophisticated attacks targeting web-based solutions. It is an unfortunate reality that malicious hackers may start targeting your web applications. With web application security assessments, you gain an inside look at your application(s) and gain the benefit of reporting and analysis on all identified weaknesses. The ultimate goal behind a web app vulnerability assessment is to report on the findings of a web application vulnerability scan and combine them with the analysis of a professional cybersecurity engineer.

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We at Cybervie believe that your business relies on secure connection. There are a number of reasons your organization may need to conduct a vulnerability assessment. It could be simply to conduct a checkup regarding your overall web security risk posture. But if your organization has more than a handful of applications and a number of servers, a vulnerability assessment of such a large scope could be overwhelming. We provide customize services to serve your need.

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