SIEM as a Service

Offload the management and maintenance of the security information and event management to our experienced team of security experts

Cost-effective and reliable SIEM as a Service keeps an organization’s security intact

In today’s rapidly-evolving cybersecurity landscape, keeping up with threats can be overwhelming. Security information and event management (SIEM) is a vital component of any modern security program.
SIEM as a Service is a cost-effective, flexible and reliable way to protect your organization from cyber-attacks. It provides real-time detection, alerting, and reporting of suspicious activities on your network.

What is SIEM as a Service?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) as a Service is a cloud-based model where a third-party provider offers SIEM capabilities as a service online. Here’s where Cybervie comes into the picture. We are responsible for the hardware, software, and infrastructure required to run SIEM, while the customers only need to subscribe to the service and send their security logs to the provider’s platform.
SIEM as a Service can be an attractive option for organizations that lack the resources to deploy and manage their SIEM infrastructure. Cybervie, one of the leading providers of SIEM managed services, offers cost-effective solutions compared to traditional SIEM.

The primary function of SIEM is to collect, aggregate, and analyze security events and logs from various sources in an organization’s network, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and servers. By analyzing these events and logs, cybersecurity SIEM can detect security incidents and provide alerts to the security team, who can take appropriate action to mitigate the risks.

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