Network Penetration Testing for Cloud Environments

Network Penetration Testing for Cloud Environments In an digital era where cloud environments have become the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, providing scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, cybersecurity testing becomes more critical than ever. Network penetration testing is essential for securing cloud environments. It involves simulating cyber attacks to find and fix vulnerabilities. This proactive approach […]

Challenges and Solutions in Mobile App Penetration Testing

Challenges and Solutions in Mobile Application Penetration Testing Mobile applications have become integral to our daily lives, and with this increased reliance comes a heightened need for robust security measures. Mobile app penetration testing is a crucial cybersecurity practice that identifies vulnerabilities in mobile applications before they can be exploited by malicious actors. However, this […]

Application Security Interview Questions with Answers 🏆

Top 10 Application Security Interview Questions with Answers 🏆 In the rapidly expanding field of cybersecurity, application security stands out as a critical area where organizations are investing heavily to protect their data and systems. As a job seeker or an employer in this field, it’s essential to understand the types of questions that are […]

DLL Proxying

Dll Proxy Featured Image

DLL Proxying : An SOC Nightmare DLL Hijacking, a cunning technique in the attacker’s arsenal, thrives on manipulating a program’s trust in external code. By strategically replacing legitimate DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) with malicious ones, attackers can gain unauthorized access, steal sensitive data, or wreak havoc on a system. To protect you organization as SOC […]

Evading AV with simple malwares

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Evasion is a cat and mouse game in the cybersecurity field. Lets dive deep into it and see some simple tricks for deception. Process ID (PID) spoofing is a sneaky technique used by malware to trick computer systems. Every program running on a computer is given a unique identification number called a Process ID, or PID for short. This PID helps the system monitoring each […]