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SOC Training Program

Security Basics and SOC Fundamentals

An extensive coverage of operating systems and networking basics with an introduction to the Cybersecurity program. 
Various topics include GRC, vulnerability management, IDAM, and perimeter security—theoretical and hands-on experience in leading SIEM solutions in the market.

Incident Response

Diving deeper into the enterprise environment by using advanced SIEM features. Effective utilization of IDPS devices. Learning and handling different types of security incidents and attacks with industry recognized security frameworks

Malware Analysis and Forensics

Introduction to Windows Forensics with real time investigative examples. Understanding of malware types, categories, and modern analysis techniques. Hands-on knowledge on modern debugging software and analyzing malware using OSINT and sandbox technologies.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Introduction to the Threat Intel program, terminologies, tools, frameworks, and reporting structure. Hands-on knowledge of YARA, SIGMA, and threat intelligence platforms.

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The course is developed by some of the finest cybersecurity experts, who will train you to become a valued professional and be a game changer in the field of cybersecurity. You’ll learn what security operation center training is and much more…

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Successful candidates are competent in the following 4 domains...

Security Basic and SOC Fundamentals
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Incident Response
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Malware Analysis
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Threat Intelligence
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