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More About Insider Threat

INSIDER THREAT is the term generated to detect the threat for an organizations security or the Data which comes within.

Organizations assets these days are getting exposed due to the increased connectivity, regulatory requirements, business alliances and also the security weakness within the supply chains.

However there are many unique security challenges that should be addressed, and these challenges lie in the fact that the Threats generated by the insider are always hidden, unpredictable and is also difficult to detect.

Types of Insider Threats




Inadvertent Insiders


Insider Collusion


Persistent Malicious Insiders


Disgruntled Insider

Who are your Insiders??

They are usually attributed to employees or ex-employees and also at times, they might rise from the third parties like contractors, temporary/part-time workers or also the customers.

What do they do?

An insider is a person who will be among you and plays a vital role in destroying your Data and also can bypass your security measures by putting their complete knowledge and access to your system where deliberately you will start losing control over your organization.

What we do?

Dealing with insider threat requires a different strategy.

Our Vulnerability Insider Threat Assessment helps you in detecting vulnerabilities, business gaps, management issues and also your organization’s ability to integrate behavior analytics into its threat assessment process.

Here, we play a major part by detecting the level of the Threat whether it is in the initial stage or the final stage where an organization starts losing control over the company and also will Identify the Risk Factors.

It is just not the organization’s security but also an IT issue which includes human elements to Plan, Prevent, Detect, Identify.

, Respond and also recover from Insider Threat.

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