Cyber Security Awareness

“Employee is the First Line of Defense.”

Why is Cyber Security Awareness Program Important?

Cyber Security Online Training

Cyber Security Awareness or Cyber Security Online Training can be also said as Creating Awareness among the Employees who are willing to work in any Organization. This Awareness or Training Program gives the Confidence to safeguard any Multilevel Company. If an Employee is aware of aspects which generate a Root to gets Hack can build a trust factor. Will be an added advantage to crack an Interview in any multilevel companies. Cyber Security Awareness or Training program for Employee plays a critical role in helping the organisation to keep Secure and Confidential. So here by an Employee needs to know, How cyber security fall in Risk? & How can an Employee prevent the Attacks.

What is the Cyber Security risk?


Removable media and personally owned devices


Legal and regulatory sanction


Incident reporting culture


Security Operating Procedures


External attack & Insider Threat

Do you know? Employees are the most important asset in any organization — but they’re also the weak point in its cyber security defenses.

Petya and WannaCry attacks made headlines around the world for shutting down banks, infrastructure, and companies. But with ransom ware costs projected to hit $5 billion this year, those two attacks are likely just the first of many. Research conducted in 2016 among 887 companies across 30 countries in the world has shown that 30% of surveyed business was hacked due to employee error. Ignorance is not an excuse where cyber security is concerned. Staff with low awareness can create security vulnerabilities. Given that 91% of data breaches start with a phishing attack, if your users are not prepared to identify and avoid these attacks, your risk of a successful breach or malware attack, such as Ransomware is greatly increased. In addition, many regulations and cyber insurance policies require Cyber Security Awareness or Training.

The goal of any Cyber Security Awareness or Training program should be to lower risk to an acceptable level a hacker only needs one person in your organization to click. Even at 1%. If you have 100 users get phished, someone is still likely to click. Success should be defined based on the progressive risk and cooperation in user security of the individual user. At minimal risk should take into account the following:

  • Does the user understand Cyber Security best practices and corporate policy?
  • Does the user pose a phishing risk to the organisation and if so how much risk?
  • Does the user actively participate in corporate security by reporting suspicious activity? (This should include – reporting of phish tests)

The funny part of some actions is remained unnoticed until it’s too late, and catastrophic from a business or government point of view. After all, it depends on the usage of technology. To go with a career-oriented industry’s like Ethical Hacking, Cyber security & Information security.

Cyber Security Awareness or Training is quite necessary to understand concept between the education and training because education only offers learning and subject understanding while training makes employees train in such a manner that they can perform essential functions effectively. Here, few advantages are discussed that will arise from Cybervie Cyber Security Awareness…

Email Phishing:
Responsible email usage is the best defence for preventing data theft. Employees should be aware of scams and not respond to email they do not recognise. Educate your employees to accept email that.

Social Engineering and Phishing:
Train your employees to recognise common cyber crime and information security risks, including social engineering, online fraud, phishing and web- browsing risks.

Social Media Policy:
Educate your employees on social media and communicate, at a minimum, your policy and guidance on the use of a company email address to register post or receive social media.

Mobile Devices:
Communicate your mobile device policy to your employees for company- owned and personally owned devices used during the course of business.

Protecting Computer Resources:
Train your employees on safeguarding their computers from theft by locking them or keeping them in a secure place. Critical information should be backed up routinely, with backup copies being kept in a secure location. All of your employees are responsible for accepting current virus protection software updates on company PCs. To protect your business and address the multitude of vulnerabilities day-to- day employee activity creates, you need to provide your staff with routine, comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness or Training.

  • Produce a user security policy
  • Establish a staff induction process
  • Maintain user awareness of the security risks faced by the organisation
  • Support the formal assessment of security skills
  • Monitor the effectiveness of security training
  • Promote an incident reporting culture
  • Establish a formal disciplinary process

With a Proper or Cyber Security Awareness or Training. Employees can easily understand about Surfing Behaviour, Organisation policy about Web security, Different attacker Techniques, Usage of different Devices, and Interaction with Social Media. Proper Security Training brings Hygienic Change in employees, which will be an advantage to the company in the long period.

Benefits of Awareness Program


Trust worthy staff


Confidential data


Conscious work atmosphere


Better Security


Prospective attacks

Customer Centric Approach after or Cyber Security Awareness. An employee is the asset of any company. By building Secured Culture, An Organisation can motivate Customers, Contractors, and Employees. A Satisfied Customer always works as a mouth publicity and will work as an asset of the Company. The Organisation can ensure their Customers that, how much they care about their information security.