What’s a better career: Cybersecurity or Artificial Intelligence?

Worried about whether to choose artificial intelligence or cyber security? Let’s talk about which one would be the best for you!

When could cyber security be the best career for you?

  • If you are someone who has more interest in the hardware side rather than the software side of computers, you are going to love cyber security!
  • Also for someone who wishes to stay a little further away from coding, cyber security can definitely be the career choice you like. It requires minimal knowledge of programming to assure those who tend to struggle with it. 
  • If security is something that you have always found interest in, this field can be the one that you can try out and find your place in. 

Why is right now the best time to choose cyber security?

With the entire world moving towards doing more things online, internet security has become one of the most popular careers in the world. 

Though artificial intelligence is also extremely popular among students, excellent security is something that more and more businesses are spending their budget on. Businesses want to provide quality service to their clients while also ensuring their information is secure. 

Thus cyber security is a hot career field right now – for someone who wishes to know more about how to protect computers from different types of attacks, this field can be amazing. 

Ironically, the below-mentioned statistic proves the lack of people in the field. 

Vacant cyber security job spots are expected to grow by 300 per cent. 

This simple statistic will help you understand how much scope you will have in the field. If you enjoy learning about hacking or security basics, you can find a good career in cyber security as well. 

Network security, system security, incident resolutions are some of the major topics that you need to learn about in cyber security. 

Cyber security is also starting to use artificial intelligence in some ways, so if you like both career choices, you can learn about both. 

Best things about cyber security that might entice you:-

Artificial intelligence is for those who want to learn more about robotics or computer-controlled machines. It’s a field that has a lot to offer, yet demands a lot from students as well. 

More than 80% of people suggest cyber security as the best career choice for the future. 

The clear reason for that is that the field has a lot of room for growth and development. Here are a couple of things that students generally love about studying cyber security:-

  1. There’s always something new that you can learn about or try out in the field. New security practices and technologies keep you interested in the field for the long run. 
  1. It’s pretty exciting to continue to work and defend against new threats and security breaches. If finding solutions is something that you love, cyber security gives you the opportunity to do that continuously. 
  1. You can choose to work full-time jobs, or you can choose to do freelancing for a little more freedom. Either way, cyber security has a ton of sub-industries to you to choose from to work in. 

AI and Cyber security are both high-paying jobs: The better skills you have, the better chances you have at having an excellent salary package anywhere in the world. So, the first strategy is to match against which skills of these suit you best.

If you have these skills, Cyber security might be the field for you:- 

Problem-solving skills 

This is something that might sound obvious, but Cyber security demands people who love going through an issue and finding the most optimized solution. If that is something that you always try to do, this field enables you to use your problem-solving skills to the max. 

Quick Responsiveness

Security issues are often high-priority and ask for quick responses from experts. If you are someone who can respond quickly to queries, or in general come up with answers faster, this field is perfect for you. 

A passion for security

At the end of the day, you have to love security. It’s a career field that is constantly growing around the world. New threats and security techniques are introduced every second. If you have an interest in computer and network security, cyber security is the perfect field for you!


Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security are two fields that are currently very popular around the world. Based on what you like and what you wish to do in the future, you can pick the career option for yourself. Hope this helps you to choose your perfect career field!

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