What is Zero-Day Exploit? | 0-DAY.

In this article we are going to see about zero day exploits
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In this article we are going to learn about zero-day exploit also known as 0-day.

What is Zero-Day?

A zero-day vulnerability is a computer-software vulnerability that is unknown to the party or parties responsible for patching or fixing the flaw. Until the flaw is mitigated and resolved.

The term zero-day means that there is a zero-day gap between the time the vulnerability is discovered and the first attack happens.

The Exploit do not leave any opportunities for the detection at first.

Basically in this, the hacker releases the malware of the following software or web app before the developer has an opportunity to fix the patch.

Attack Vectors

There can be many different attack vectors that a malware writer can exploit.

Web browsers can be a good attack vector, hackers can use malicious code attack vectors. Websites are the primary target for hackers because of the widespread usage of the web.

Defending against 0-DAY

0-day attacks are usually very difficult to defend against because they are very difficult to detect. Almost any type of security vulnerability can be exploited as a zero-day vulnerability.

They are secure network attacks that can remain undetected even after the release of the malware or exploit.

Since the zero-day vulnerability can’t be known in advance. There is no way to guard against it before it happens.

But there are some procedure and methods to reduce the risk.

  1. Use IP security protocols to ensure the encryption and authentication of the network traffic.
  2. Keep all the software and machines up-to-date.
  3. Install all updates all the latest security patches.
  4. use network access control to prevent the rogue machines from gaining access.
  5. Be aware of the latest vulnerability and exploits, as 0-day attacks happen very frequently. Patch your system if your system has that vulnerability.

Some famous zero-day attacks.


Microsoft warned users of 0-day attacks exploiting two separate vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affected all supported Windows versions and no patch was expected until weeks later.

Read here

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is another source of the 0-day attack. occurs due to a flaw in the way the IE scripting engine manages objects in memory. It affected IE v9-11.

Read here


Sophos is another latest 0-day exploit. These attacks attempted to exploit a SQL injection vulnerability

Read here

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