What Is Doxing And How To Do It?

In this article we are going to talk about doxing.

Doxing is actually gathering information on a target or victims like their home address, phone
number, workplace, school, full name, profiles, aliases, relations, and other personal data. Hackers
can do many things with this information, a number of which are legal and a few which aren’t.

Some of the items are the following:
– Sharing the info (Posting information on public websites to permit your victim’s other enemies
gain the info and do as they please with it)
– Pizza delivery (Ordering a pizza to a victim’s house)

Is Doxing Illegal?

Doxing is illegal when you get information from a source that is not in the public domain. But if you are gathering information from open-source then it’s more like OSINT.

But, someone can press charges against you if you use doxing for harassing someone or even post their private information to domains like social media, or online forums. Doxing should not be used like that.

Never Use Doxing illegally for harassing others.


In this article we are going to talk on the topic “dox yourself”. Because if you dox yourself and delete the data you don’t want, then you can be safe from doxing.

The meaning of dox yourself is to find information about yourself on the internet. Believe me, sometimes your private information can be exposed on the internet and you didn’t even know about it. Try to find as much information about yourself on the internet and delete what you don’t want.

Let’s see how we are going to dox ourselfves-

There are many ways to get the DOX of someone or ourselves. It is very simple, but it gets the job done.

Start with a name. Acquire your victim’s first and last name if you are doxing someone else But since we are doxing us we will use our name. A good place to find all the information with the name is Facebook and all other social media sites. Go through your profile and check how much information you are giving about yourself. while tagging a location on pictures, including your mobile numbers in some comments. To be safe from this either remove your data that contains private information or make your social media account private.

Just think of how much information you can get if your Facebook is not private, hacker can get you family information, date of birth. sometimes mobile number, email address.

This is what you can do with name.

Now if you are on Skype. It can give your private IP address. If I have your name it’s not that difficult to find you on skype and grab your IP address to find your approximate location

There are many tools like iplookup which can give the approx location of your IP address. And that’s the only thing hacker wants, your name, address, and phone number to make your life a living hell. To deal with this skype situation, Use skype on Different than your home network. Or if you care more about your privacy use VPN services.


There you go that’s what we call doxing. This guide is not as intricate as doxing really is but it will surely help you if you don’t know what is doxing and why it used.

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