How to hack a smartphone with SMS | Smishing Attack

A smishing attack basically means to do a phishing attack with the help of SMS. In this attacker sends an SMS to the victim with a link to a fake website or you will be tricked into downloading malware which will compromise your phone and let the hacker access your device. Smishing means “SMS+Phishing”.

How it works?

  1. An Attacker will create an SMS which will consist of some social engineering text and a link.
  2. The link will take you to a website and possibly download the malware into your phone or will take you to a phishing website.
  3. As soon as you install the malware on your phone your phone will be compromised and the hacker can access your phone.

Examples Smishing scenarios

Lets create a smishing scenario

So lets say I am hacker and you are the victim

I send you a text message with a following content.

“Your subscription for daily jokes have been renewed on $2/Day which will be deducted from your mobile balance

To stop the subscription please follow the link

“Phishing Link”

Now any person will click the link to stop the subscription and you clicked the link and my link will take you to a website that will automatically download malware to your phone and if you install the malware your phone will be compromised.


My phishing link will take you to a phishing website that will ask your Gmail login to end the subscription, and you will end up giving me your credentials. This will be very dangerous as now I can log in with your credentials and do all sorts of works.

You can create you malware application from metasploit.

NOTE-> Do not try this without consent.

How to be Safe?

  1. Do not click on any untrusted link from SMS.
  2. Never use your phone number on untrusted websites.
  3. Never install a shady application on your phone.
  4. Always use two-factor authentication.
  5. Be aware.
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