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About the Indian Education System


Problems faced in education system

Pre  independence period

Significant changes in the education system can be seen from pre- and-post-British rule to ultramodern India. Originally children were educated in the latterly changed Gurukul’s and a ultramodern educational program was introduced.

Post independence period

After India gained independence, the constitution elevated six introductory rights, one of which was the Right to Education. It allowed-free education for every child between the periods of 6 and 14.

The education system is veritably different in terms of primary, secondary, primary and tertiary education, followed by advanced education. still, there are numerous obstacles and loopholes in this system that if stopped will work for public development.

Structure of the Indian education system

Indian Education System structure is divided into 2 different sections. 
1. School Education

  • Pre Primary Education – Pre Nursery, Nursery, LKG, UKG
  • Primary Education – 1 to 8 Grade
  • Secondary Education – 9 & 10 Grade
  • Advanced Secondary Education – 11 & 12 Grade

2. University Education

  • scale( BE, BTech, BA, BSc, BBA)
  • Post Graduation( MBA, MTech, MSc)
  • Ph.D.( Doctorate)

Barriers faced with Indian education system-

Indian education system burden
Indian education system is lagging behind with outdated course due to following reasons-

Focus on theoretical 
Indian education focuses more on theoretical  rather than practical due to which scholars are unfit to learn arising technologies that doesn’t allow creativity as similar.

lesser focus on extra curricular activities- 
Foreign education class contains everything taking from trades to sports along with studies generally whereas

Australia focuses more on sports, while Indian education system only emphasize studies simply and doesn’t have room for activities.

Teaching methodology-
The syllabus needs change– while preceptors and tutoring styles need a whole new transition together. Our teaching  styles are timely. We still use the board and chalk as a tutoring system only. The academy should take way to equip them with new tutoring styles and adapt to e-learning.

Lack of individuality-
The issue with our current education system in India is that all these students  have to learn the same subjects and go through the same education  process through years .

basic  knowledge is needed as they study same thing , same subjects for 10 times before choosing a field of study.

Lack of facilities–
university course is  always outdated and lack of teaching faculty. It also do not allow students to communicate properly in class.

Practical aspect overlooked-
The significance of our education system is laid more on marks rather than acquiring knowledge or gaining applicable skills  overlooking the practical aspect of classroom teaching .

Limited use of technology –
The major interference in developing applicable job-ready among students  is the limited use of technology in the classroom.

Conclusion –

The growing knowledge rate in India with advanced education needs to be equipped with the right quantum of skills to be used effectively and help the ‘ Make in India ’ campaign  a success. It’s the workers who get an estimated one million new jobs each time but only a small chance of them are employed.

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