Cyber crime and Security


Crimes committed under cyber space are cyber crimes. Cyber space is a broad term. Most of us don’t have knowledge bout this term. Crimes which happens on computer and internet comes under cyber space. Criminals use resources to gain information and technical aspects of security  and often confused with the term Cyber crimes.

Cyber crime vs Cyber security

cyber security also known as computer security is an application which keeps our computer, programs, mobile devices, electronic systems  and networks safe  from cyber and unauthorized attacks. It is  known as information technology security or electronic information security.  It encompasses various types of categories-

  1. network security- it the process of protecting our computer networks from invader, attackers, burglars, etc.
  2. information security- it is the process which protects our data integrity and privacy.
  3. application security- it helps to protect the soft wares and keep devices errors and threat free.
  4. operational security- it involves the steps and processes of protecting the unauthorized operation of computer systems.

The only firewall that protects against cyber criminals is your brain

Main motto of cyber security is to detect-

  • early arising threats and cyber crimes,
  • protecting them from attacks and malicious
  • authorized access to users
  • protect data privacy and information

Cyber crimes –

It is also known as computer crime as computer is used to make crimes and fraud such as child pornography, trafficking in intellectual property because  cyber crime is about exploiting human or security weaknesses in systems to steal data, money or passwords.

trademark, interfering in someone’s private life.

Cyber crime has gained importance today as  millions of people uses internet  all over the world. Computer is the central point of access to each and every fields be it cyber security, to access information related to commerce, or to commit crimes.

cyber crime uses internet to attack on data and information of about

  1. associations
  2. individuals and
  3. government organizations.

There are many types of cyber crimes like

  • email fraud
  • internet fraud
  • identity fraud
  • Theft of financial or card payment data.

Difference  between cyber security and cyber crimes-

There are certain parameters on which cyber crime and cyber security are  differentiated-

  1. Types of crimes: In cyber security, the kinds of crimes are where a computer software or hardware or computer network, is the main target (ransomware, viruses, worms, distributed denial of service attacks etc.).

Cyber Crimes are crimes where an individual or group of individuals is the target. There are several types. They include scams, cyberbullying, hate speech, child pornography, and human trafficking.

      2. The Victims-Cybercrimes and cyber security both have victims. Victims are based on what crime is committed.

  • cyber crimes generally targets individual or group of individuals.
  • In cyber security, the targeted parties are government or corporate associations.

     3. the principals-

The  founding principle of cyber crime is  to punish criminals who have unauthorized access to computer system. This is to prevent damage and the data on it.

Cybersecurity tells the high-tech to protecting systems from attack or failure. cyber security will identify with t that all computer systems contain a certain level of susceptibility and address the root causes of insecurity, by  fixing those susceptibilities.

    4. human rights –

cyber crime uses  laws to build legislation with human rights protection and defense. Cybercrime law should be successful to a country’s national constitution and identify its  responsibilities to protect human rights.

Cybersecurity , protects, and safeguards individuals, networks and devices. Cybersecurity policies put individuals at the top of its operations. They pursue to protect and enhance human rights.

Categories of cyber crimes-

There are many types of cyber crimes like DDoS Attacks which makes online service unavailable and make network down.  Networks  of infected devices are known  as Botnets used by  hacker to hack into the system once the network is down.

Another category is Botnets which  are network  computers and  are controlled externally by remote hackers in which the  remote hackers send spam and then  attack other computers through these botnets.

Identity theft  cybercrime occurs when a criminal gains access to a user’s personal information to steal funds, access confidential information, or participate in tax or health insurance fraud.


Cybercrime has created a bigger impact on society. It has stolen confidential information of many people around the world by attacking on their privacy. It has not only used computers to create malicious attacks but also lead to great loss of the organisations.

To prevent and take precautions from Cyber crime, fight against it by following these points-

  • Become vigilant when browsing websites.
  • Flag and report suspicious emails.
  • Never click on unfamiliar links or ads.
  • Use a VPN whenever possible.
  • Ensure websites are safe before entering credentials
  • Keep antivirus/application systems up to date.
  • Use strong passwords with 14+ characters

We have learnt enough about cyber crime and security. I hope now difference is clear between the two. Keep reading interesting content only on Cybervie, providing one to one solutions to tackle with solutions.


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