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About Cybervie

Cybervie is a startup located in Hyderabad. Our focus is to protect from cyber-attack and frauds for company & personal users. Our vision is to bring down the cyber crime rate in India. We have a core team with highly talented professions with more than a decade of experience in industry. We can say that we are best in industry when it comes to protecting an organization from cyber-attacks. With holding certifications like (SANS, OSCP, CISP), we work with a complete integrity and follow and highest professional ethics in order to build a long standing relation of trust with our clients. Our solutions include - Web application threat protection, Cybervie IT Infrastructure Audit, Security Operation Center.



Our mission is to create a safe zone for our clients in the cyber space. We offer complete peace of mind to our clients through our solutions using best practices of cyber security. We aim to do this by delivering solutions that are high in value and innovation. We will empower our clients to grow their business in a secure manner.



Our vision is to become known as a reliable and dependable cyber security partner for our clients. Cybervie prides itself in dealing with all kinds of cyber attacks and we provide our clients such that their business is unaffected.

core values

Core Values

We work with complete integrity and follow the highest professional ethics in order to build a long standing relation of trust with our clients. Cybervie provides its clients services to protect their networks and systems to make sure maximum safety in an environment where hackers are exploiting every weakness in your system.

Why Cybervie?

70% of websites are vulnerable to malicious hackers. Make sure you aren’t. Detect vulnerabilities and get on a path to remediation.

The number of high-profile attacks on the websites of financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and small businesses is rising at a pretty alarming rate. End-user workstations are continuously under sophisticated attacks targeting web-based solutions. It is an unfortunate reality that malicious hackers may start targeting your web applications. With web application security assessments, you gain an inside look at your application(s) and gain the benefit of reporting and analysis on all identified weaknesses. The ultimate goal behind a web app vulnerability assessment is to report on the findings of a web application vulnerability scan and combine them with the analysis of a professional cybersecurity engineer.

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