Level - 3 - Internship

Cyber Security Internship is a 5-weeks paid Internship Program Where we provide the Opportunity for Students/Employees of all levels to explore Real & Relevant issues in Computer Security, Information Protection. Website Vulnerability Assessment, Network Operations, Cyber Policy, and Much More...

We Cybervie suggest you to learn Ethical Hacking First to Find your Interest in Cyber Security Industry. For both Passionate and Career Oriented Ones. Hereby Cyber Security Internships Helps for Non Career Oriented Candidates. They Deserve to Learn Ethical Hacking Course for the Future Security. For Example…

  A Business Entrepreneur can guide the Business Online with a Secure Shield.
  A Web Developer can Secure the Application which builds trust among Clients.
  A Banking Employee can Defeat the Attack before it Occurs.
  As a Higher Official of any Organization. We can guide the Staff and As a Higher Official of any Organization. We can guide the Staff and Company with Secured work Atmosphere.
  Self Security with Hygiene Browsing keeps us Secured more than any Antivirus.

Do you know? According to Forbes magazine 80,000 Ethical Hackers are Required world wide. Whereas it is 5% Fullfilled.

What we will cover in Cyber Security Internships | Cybervie
  How to perform the Website Vulnerability Assessment with Manual, Automation and Creation of the reports.
  Information Assurance team is Responsible to Define the Scope and Objectives for Penetration Testing and For Testing Closure of all Follow-Ups Pointed out by Penetration Testing Report.
  How to Perform Periodically System and Application VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) Using Automated and Manual Approach.
  How to Develop and Maintain Documentation for Security Systems and Procedures.
  How to Respond Where Appropriate, Resolve or Escalate Reported Security Incidents.
  How to Monitor System Logs, SIEM Tools and Network Traffic for Unusual or Suspicious Activity. Interpret such Activity and Make Recommendations for Resolution.
  How to Perform Asset and Network Discovery Activities, Helping to Ensure full Coverage of the Vulnerability Discovery. Prioritizing Remediation Activities with Operational teams through Risk Ratings of Vulnerabilities and Assets.
  How to Recommend, Schedule or Apply Fixes, Security Patches(Patch Management) and Any Other Measures Required in the Event of a Security Breach.
  How to Perform the Network Vulnerability Assessment and Find the Security loop hole and Update Create Report and Submit.
  Cyber Security Internships Train with Incident Handling and Reporting.
  How to Control Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance.
  How to Create the Guidelines and Policies, Managing Information Security Risks and Overseeing the Information Security Management Organization.
  Group Discussion Case Studies of Recent Cyber Security Attacks and What Leads it to happen.
  Conducting the IT infrastructure Audit

  Real time knowledge on Information security.
  Letter of Completion Cyber Security Internships letter. You'll have Access to all the Technical and Management Training Courses you need to become the Expert you want to be.
  Learn from Expert Developers in the Field. Our Team leads love to Mentor.
  An Opportunity to Work in many Different Areas to Figure Out What Excites Us.
  Introduction to Red Team.
  Introduction to Hardware Hacking.
  Real Time Job Assistance with Mock interview Preparations and Group Discussions.

Get the Fee Structure and More Details form Consult Department of Cyber Security Internships | Cybervie.

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