Level - 2 - Information Security Analysts

Cyber Security Course is an Cyber Defender which covers most of the Topics in depth to generate a path mainly as Cyber Security Defender. Course Duration is of 180 Hours divided into 03 Hours of Thesis and Lab sessions/day with a Complete Ethical Hacking Training, Network Admin, Network Security, Database, Cloud Security, Web Application Security and Vulnerability Assessment Etc...

"There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked."

Why What & Who

Cyber Security is a major Issue till 2017 with Huge Losses Occurred in Recent Cyber Attacks for Aadhar Card Database, CCleaner, Mobikwik Etc… Think what would be the position in 2020 or Coming Years. A latest Survey discovered 66% of Smartphone Technology increased as of 2016 and We expect 82% for 2020. This Vast Advancing in Technology gives an Easy access Cyber Attacks, Cyber Terrorists and Un Ethical Hackers. So World is in Fear to say who likes the loss of Branding and Comfort. As we Informed in Cybervie Ethical Hacking Course itself, According to Forbes Magazine 80,000 Ethical Hackers in Various Departments are Required in Coming Years. Hence Cyber Security Course can be a Career Oriented Platform to build their career into Various fields.

Cyber Security Course or Training is an level of Ethical Hacking Training which is specified to Defend more than Hack. As it is Complete Career oriented Cyber Security Course the Duration is of 180 Hours with 03 Hours of Thesis and Lab Sessions for Hands on Tools Experience. Hope This long term Cyber Security Course Assists with Complete Knowledge and Real Time Experience on coming Network Defences. Professional One to one Discussions and Group Debits Held to Have a Fine Tune Knowledge. Cyber Defence Challenging Tasks with Rewards to Encourage the Candidates. Mock Interviews and Career Guidance Audits for Cyber Security Future and Career Assistance as a Cyber Security Defender. Additional Cyber Security Awareness Certification generates an Added Advantage to stand out among the Interview Candidates for any Organization.Hereby Cybervie Security Defenders can perform any Crucial or Emergency Tasks on Real Time Scenarios to Defend the Cyber Crimes...

  IT Support
  System Admin
  QA and Testing
  IS Security Team

Benefits: Of Cyber Security Course | Cybervie

  Build Career as a Cyber Security Professional
  Become a Penetration Tester..
  Track to Red Teaming.
  Perform Security Challenges.
  Perform Attack that can exploit Software and Hardware Vulnerabilities.

Take Away: From Cyber Security Course | Cybervie

  Cybervie Certification to Refer as a Trained Professional with a Cyber Security Course
  Kali Linux and Cyber Security Course Toolkit
  Ebooks to give further knowledge on Complete Cyber Security Industry
  Eligibility for Webinars and Workshops to spread your Knowledge on Cyber Defence.
  Additional Cyber Security Awareness Certificate helps you with an added advantage in Interviews.
  Additional Guidance on Required Hardware Stuff to have an Easy learning access of Cyber Security Course.

Demo Timings

| Monday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm
| Friday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm
| Saturday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm

Batch Timings

| Weekday: Morning Batch - 04 Hours
| Weekday: Evening Batch - 04 Hours
| Weekend: Morning Batch - 04 Hours

How: We Teach Cyber Security Course | Cybervie

  What is Ethical Hacking

  Installing Kali Linux in Virtual Machine
  Installing Windows and Kali Linux in Virtual Machine

  Linux Terminal and Commands
  Github and Updates

  Foot printing

  Network Penetration Testing
  Web Server
  Connecting Wireless Adaptor
  Tor Proxy

  Introduction To Wireless Network
 Create Fake Access Point
  MITM Attack
  Packet Sniffing
  DE authentication attacks

  Introduction to Net cat
 Net cat Lab
  Wire shark
  Nmap and Zen map

  Introduction to Metasploit
  Installing Metasploit

  Visual Scripting
  Create your own Keylogger

  Exploit Development
  Client Side Attacks
  Privilege Escalation
  Create Undetectable Payload
  Post Exploitation

  Introduction to Hardware Hacking
  Setting Up ide (Integrated Development Environment)
  Adriano and Rasberrypie
  Create your own Bad Usb
  RFID Cloning
  Red Teaming Toolkit

  Introduction to Mobile operating System
  Android Hacking
  Create Custom Apk payload in Kali Linux

  Introduction Web Application Security
  Sql Injection
  Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  Burp suite
  Dvwa – Damn Vulnerable Web Application
  OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project


  Introduction to Buffer Overflow
  Create , Compile at Lab
  Types of Cryptography
  Stack Lab

  History of Cryptography
  Hashing in cryptography
  Encryption/Decryption Tools
  Ransom ware Attacks

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