Level - 1 - Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacking Course is a Key start to enter Hacking Industry. With all the stuff required to choose a career path into various departments.The Course Duration 80 Hours divided into 04 Hours/Day with Thesis and Lab session. Weakly Challenging Task with Rewards to encourage the Ethical Hacking Beginners. Certification and Mock Interview preparations helps to build a career oriented path into Ethical Hacking Industry.

"Cybervie Ethical hackers engage in Cyber Infiltration at the request of the company’s leaders to help improve cyber defenses."

Why What & Who

According to Forbes magazine 80,000 Ethical Hackers are Required world wide. Whereas it is 5% Fullfilled Now to Defeat against Cyber Attacks like Keylogger, Denial of Service (DoS\DDoS), Waterhole attacks, fake access point, Eavesdropping (Passive Attacks), Phishing, Virus, Trojan, ClickJacking Attacks, Cookie theft, Bait and switch Etc…

We Cybervie suggest you to learn Hacking First to Defeat next with the Certified Ethical Hacking Course to find your Interest in Ethical Hacking Industry. For both Passionate and Career oriented ones. Hereby Non career oriented Candidates also deserve it to learn the Ethical Course for the Future Security. For Example…
  A Business Entrepreneur can guide the Business Online with a Secure Shield
  A Web Developer can Secure the Application which build trust among Clients
  A Banking Employee can Defeat the Attack before it Occurs
  As a Higher Official of any Organization. We can guide the Staff and Company with Secured work Atmosphere
  Self Security with Hygiene Browsing keeps us Secured more than any Antivirus

Personally Advancing in the Technology gives Comfortable Life but Also easy access to Drawbacks and Complications leads to Discomfort. Huge troubles occurring with Business organizations, National Security and Defence Government leads to Raise in Ethical Hacking 3 Training with a Certified Ethical Hacking Course. With all the Topics covered from Ground level to Mould a Candidate to support the Entire Career in Various departments of Ethical Hacking Industry.
  Cybervie Certified Ethical Hacking Course is of 80 Hours Duration with 02 Hours of Thesis and 02 Hours of Lab Practice/Day with an Experienced Lab Faculty.
  Hands on Tools Demonstrations and Real Time Training gives a fine-tune of Career Practices.
  We prepare the candidates with One to one Discussions and Group Debits, Perform Challenging Tasks with Appreciation Rewards to Encourage the Beginners.
  Mock Interview Preparations Helps to crack an Interviews faster than the Competitors.
  A Reference Certification to Tag You as an Ethical Hacker on a particular level of Industry knowledge you Reach.
  Cybervie Certified Ethical Hacking Course includes a Dedicated Training Login Panel with E-Certification, Ebooks, Ethical Hacking Course Tool Kit, Useful PPTs and PPTs Thought in the Class or Lab Sessions.

  Any Graduation with good computer and internet skills
  IT Professionals
  Network Admin
  Database Admin
  Web developers
  Project consultants
  Finance and banking professionals
  Existing in cyber security or information security

Benefits: Of Certified Ethical Hacking Course | Cybervie

  Classroom and Online Trainings
  Flexible Batch Timings with weekday and weekend Classes
  Trained professional Faculty and Lab Assistants
  Dedicated Cybervie Training Panel with Easy access to Required Stuff
  Find a path to Become a Cyber Security Professional
  Fun Humour Teachings to Generate Interest to Beginners

Take Away: From Certified Ethical Hacking Course | Cybervie

  Cybervie Certification to Refer as a Trained Professional Ethical Hacker
  Ethical Hacking Course Toolkit
  Ebooks to give further knowledge on Complete Ethical Hacking
  Additional Cyber Security Awareness Certificate helps you with an added advantage in Interviews
  Guidance on Hardware Stuff to move into Easy Work access

Demo Timings

| Monday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm
| Friday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm
| Saturday: 02 Hours - Evening 6pm

Batch Timings

| Weekday: Morning Batch - 04 Hours
| Weekday: Evening Batch - 04 Hours
| Weekend: Morning Batch - 04 Hours

How: Certified Ethical Hacking Course Curriculum

  What is Ethical Hacking and Hacking
  Types of Hackers
  Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
  Hacking Methodologies

  What is Foot printing
  Why Perform Foot printing
  Goals of the Foot printing Process
  Network Information
  Operating System Information
  Organization Data
  Terminology in Foot printing
  Threats Introduced by Foot printing

  What is Scanning
  Types of Scans
  Checking for Live System
  Checking the Status of Ports
  Network Mapping
  IP Spoof
  MAC Spoof

  What is Enumeration
  Windows Enumeration
  Linux Enumeration
  Services and Ports

  What is System Hacking
  Password Cracking
  Password Cracking Techniques
  Online Attacks
  Offline Attacks
  Man-in- the-Middle Attack

  What is Malware
 Categories of Malware
  Types of Virus
  Ransom ware

  Understanding Denial of Service (DOS)
 Understanding Distributed Denial of Service
  Types of Attack
  Tools for Creating Botnets
  Countermeasure for DoS

  Understanding Sniffing
  Sniffing Tools
  Reading Sniffing Packet
  ARP Poisoning

  What is Social Engineering
  Why does Social Engineering Work
  The Power of Social Engineering
  What is the Impact of Social Engineering
  Common Targets of Social Engineering
  Social Networking to Gather Information
  Countermeasures of Social Engineering

  Common Architectures
  Web Application Hosting
  Cloning the Website
  Scanning the Website
  SQL Injection
  Local File Inclusion
  Cross-site Scripting
  Cross site Request Forgery
  Testing Web Application

  Understanding Session Hijacking
  Spoofing vs Hijacking

  What is Wireless Network
  Wireless Standards in Use
  Service set Identifier
  Wireless Antennas
  Wi-Fi Authentication Modes
  Wireless Encryption Mechanisms
  Cracking Wireless Network

  Mobile OS Models and Architectures
  Goal of Mobile Security
  Device Security Models
  Google Android OS
  Design of Android
  Apple IOS
  Common Problems with Mobile Device

  Introduction to Stack overflows
  Introduction to Heap overflows
  Prevention Techniques

  What is Cryptography
  History of Cryptography
  Types of Cryptography
  Understanding the Hashing

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