Cybervie Course Structure

As with the increase in the use of internet, the requirements of the professionals is also increasing who can manage the security of the internet. Every single organization needs to protect their own as well as their client's data, but as the cyber crime is increasing insanely, it has become the most difficult task for the organizations to handle it.

The jobs in the field of cyber security are increasing massively and if you are the one, who want to build up a career in the cyber security domain, then are at the right place. We at Cybervie offer training programs of different levels that can help you in getting a great career in the cyber security industry.

Our Training Courses

Level 1

Level - 1 - Ethical Hacking

The ethical hacking course will let you understand the various types or ways by which ethical hacking can be done and will also let you learn how to protect your company from being hacked. You will also learn how you can protect data from being hacked or how you can protect the various social media accounts of your company from being hacked.

The course duration of this level - 1 course is 80 hours, which will be divided into a 4 hours class per day, including the thesis and lab sessions. We will also provide weekly challenges to the students, with rewards obviously, as it can motivate and encourage the ethical hacking beginners. We not only provide the certification but also prepare the students for the interview sessions by conducting mock interviews, which ultimately helps them to build a career in the ethical hacking industry.

Level 2

Level - 2 - Information Security Analysts

Information security analyst is a job profile which is the most demanded one in the market at present. In this course we will teach the students about how they can protect their company from various kinds of cyber attacks. This course is designed by our professional experts, who have experience of working on various levels of security, which covers the most of the topics in depth and makes a path for you that can lead you to be a cyber security defender.

The duration of this course is a total of 180 hours, which has been divided into a 3 hour class per day of thesis and lab sessions, with a complete ethical hacking training, network admin training, network security, database, cloud security, web application and penetration security and vulnerability assessment by using hands on tools like - Burpsuite, acunteix, nmap, etc.

Level 3

Level - 3 - Internship

Cyber security internship is a 5 - weeks paid internship program, where we provide the opportunity for students or employees of all levels to explore real and relevant cyber security issues. Students will get to explore issues from various domains like - computer security, information protection, website vulnerability assessment, network operation, cyber policies and many more.

We at Cybervie, try to help students in the best possible way by providing them the e - books to study, by offering them the weekend batches (for the working candidates), we also have the online lab to work on.

Why to choose Cybervie for Your Certification?

There are many reasons to choose us for your cyber security certification. The reasons are mentioned below -

  1. The courses are designed by the working professionals of the same field, which includes the real time knowledge.
  2. The faculty at Cybervie is also the real - time working professionals, who will focus more on practicality and not on theory.
  3. We just don't give certifications; we develop the skills in the students.
  4. We give attention to each and every student.
  5. We are not like other training centers that provide certificates only. We provide the best possible training which will definitely going to help you out in getting a job.
  6. We also provide job placements to our students.
  7. We help the students with mock interviews as well.
  8. We provide the study materials like - e - books.
  9. We also do have weekend batches for the working people.

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