Importance of Social Engineering Awareness Training

Importance of Social Engineering Awareness Training In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever. But while companies invest heavily in technological defenses, often the weakest link in security is the human element. Social engineering attacks, which exploit human psychology rather than technical vulnerabilities, are on the rise. This is why social engineering awareness […]

Encryption |vs| Encoding |vs| Hashing

In this article we are going discuss about Encoding vs Encryption vs Hashing.

What is a Social Engineering attack | How it works?

Social engineering is a way to get someone to do something they wouldn’t do normally, like giving their phone numbers or confidential information by gaining their trust and making a false relationship with them. Basically, It is the art of studying and manipulating human emotions and the way of thinking, it can be friendly or […]

2019 Social Engineering Attacks | 04 Techniques & Prevention!

Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attacks involve manipulating the human psychology through – 01 Phishing, 02 Scareware, 03 Quid pro quo, 04 Tailgating.