Linux File System

Linux File System If you are in IT Field or thinking of getting into it. Then a deep understanding of Linux is very important. In this article, we are going to get a decent understanding of Linux File System. What is a File System ? OS stores data on disk drives using a structure called […]

Cyber crime and Security

Introduction- Crimes committed under cyber space are cyber crimes. Cyber space is a broad term. Most of us don’t have knowledge bout this term. Crimes which happens on computer and internet comes under cyber space. Criminals use resources to gain information and technical aspects of security  and often confused with the term Cyber crimes. Cyber […]

How COVID19 has made Cybersecurity more significant?

Coronavirus or COVID19 has increased the dependency on Digital networks for carrying out professional activities. Thus, the significance of COVID19 on Cybersecurity is inevitable. The following are the prominent cyberattacks that occurred during the COVID19 pandemic: · Zoomcar data hacked. The hacker is offering to sell data of 9 million Zoomcar users for $300. Know […]